Kanik Exports
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Pliers is a hand tool that find in the everybody tool box whether it is for industrial or home purpose. It consist of two hinged arms with jaws that close on the workpiece that is used for holding small objects, bending or cutting wires, etc.

Kanik Exports is one of the accredited organization with almost 30 years of experience in design and manufacture of hand tools. We are involved in offering a wide array of pliers including combination pliers, bent nose, long nose, round nose, diagonal cutting, lock grip, top cutter, tower pincer, steel miniature plier set water pump pliers and many more.

These pliers are mainly consist of carbon steel alloys with additives such as chromium vanadium steel which is hardened and tempered that improve strength and prevent corrosion. Handles of pliers are often fitted with grips of other insulated materials to ensure better handling and protect from electric shock.